In 1911, Father Lagrange was directly denounced to Pius X by Bernard Montagnes, o.p.

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Pie X

In 1911, Father Lagrange, founder and director of the Biblical School of Jerusalem, was directly denounced to Pius X by Abbot Louis Heidet, a priest belonging to the Latin Patriarchate in Jerusalem and former confidant of the Dominicans of Saint-Étienne. According to the denouncer, Lagrange appears as the masked disciple of subversion by means of the historical critique and as the announcer of a new Gospel that constitutes the historical method. Lagrange is presented as an undercover reformer that the informer intends to unveil, in order to have him sentenced by the Pope. A denunciation of this kind could only strengthen Pius’ X distrust against Father Lagrange; his suspicion lasted until Lagrange’s submission in 1912.

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