Mme ***, St-Malo

Brother Manuel,

In the Revue du Rosaire it is requested that those who have received any graces through the intercession of Father Lagrange share them with you. Since I believe myself to be amongst those who have, I am writing to you.

To start with, the Revue’s first article about Fr Lagrange did not interest me so very much – he had died in 1938, the year of my birth, and it seemed like a long time ago.

But during the pilgrimage we received a booklet and prayer card inviting us to ask for the intercession of Fr. Lagrange. So, on the train coming back from Lourdes I confided to him all my family (husband, children and grand-children) with their many problems (divorce, loss of the Faith etc). That evening, an hour after getting back home, one of my children arrived. They looked different. I asked for another sign a few days later concerning my children once again, and once again, after my prayer, a new response.

For All Saints, another problem, this time with my brother who can become aggressive with my sister and me. I turned in prayer once again to Fr Lagrange and two days later my brother made clear a desire to make his peace with us.

Thursday evening this time – and my 11 year old grand-daughter – whose parents are separated – really did not want to take the train to see her mother. Her father was insistent that she go. Seeing her distress and not knowing what to say or do I entrusted the situation to Fr Lagrange. A series of imbroglios (which I shall spare you – it would take up too much time) resulted in her staying with her father after all. Once again I saw the smiling complicity of Fr Lagrange in all this.

I have made a point of sharing all of this with my friends and family. And I say the prayer for the glorification of this saintly man. Please find enclosed a cheque for a mass to be said for his rapid beatification.

A Hostess of the Rosary Pilgrimage to Lourdes, November 2005.

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